Rubs vs. Marinades


Rubs are applied to food immediately before cooking.Note that you should not literally rub the spice all across the surface of the food; rubbing causes the pores to close.Instead, you should lightly apply it with minimal rubbing.

There are two kinds of rubs.

  1. The kind that are applied to the food as-is (e.g., salt & pepper).
  2. Those that are combined with some kind of oil (e.g., olive oil) before being applied to the food.


Marinades are prepared and then applied to the food some time before cooking.To give an example, onions are often cooked until they become clear, thus, giving bringing out their natural sweet flavor.They can, then, be placed in a plastic bag into which meat can be left.If placed in a refrigerator overnight, the meat will soak in the flavor of those cooked onions.