The Difference

This is not an online version of the spice section of your local grocery store.  We’re not just selling spices; we’re selling experience in making fresh and unique spice blends.  These high-end, restaurant-quality spices are all fresh, organic, non-GMO, certified kosher, and gluten-free.

What sets us apart from typical spice sellers is that we get our spices directly from the source and perform no processing beyond the essence of the spice, itself.  For instance, true sea salt is harvested from the sea.  What’s typically called “sea salt” has undergone processing to make it resemble real sea salt.

Another example is our Jamaican Jerk.  A fact of life in botany is that some plants—including herbs and spices—will not grow outside of their native habitats.  So some of the spices needed for genuine Jamaican Jerk will not grow in the United States; they only grow in Jamaica.  Our Jamaican Jerk is made from exactly those spices, sourced in Jamaica, making a Jerk that native Jamaicans would recognize and appreciate.  Joel Tallant goes overseas three or four times per year in order to taste and acquire the unique spices of various regions and use them to make spice blends that bring your dishes to life.

Our spices are not mixtures of herbs haphazardly thrown together; they are the final product that a professional chef would use.  Using our Jamaican Jerk as an example, again, will show this.  It is smoked with Pimento wood to give it a true Jamaican flavor.  Then, it is blended with olive oil, just as a real chef would blend it.  After that, it is carefully mixed to the proper consistency.  Only then is it packaged in a form that’s ready for you to use.