Meet the Spice Master, Chef Joel

I started working in the Hospitality business when I was thirteen years old, while going to school for computers. I spent fifteen years in the business before I went to Johnson & Wales University, where I got my degree in Food & Beverage Management. After college, I went to work in the Hamptons and then got offered a job at a DiRoNA-award-winning restaurant in Florida. Afterwards, I started working for various food-service manufacturers in Research & Development projects, looking for new products for the industry.

American Culinary Federation Chef of the Year

For this, I won the “Most Innovative New Product” award from the ACF Space Coast Chapter in 1994.

I attended a dozen food and trade shows for these manufacturers as a professional chef and advocate of the products I had helped to develop. I was also a National Sales Representative for these companies during this time, where I trained the sales staff for various food service distributors. During this time, I made several contacts in the spice industry and learned quite a bit about blending flavors, manufacturing, and product development. By that point, I had perfected several of my own spice blends which I had shared with colleagues and friends all over the world.

As a professional chef, I have also served as President of the Treasure Coast Chapter of the American Culinary Association (ACF). In 1994, I was awarded ACF Chapter Chef of the Year for the Treasure Coast in Florida. I have been an ACF Culinary Competition Organizer in South Florida. Throughout all this, I still continue to expand my knowledge of the culinary industry.

Honors & Awards

1994 “Chapter Chef of the Year”
—American Culinary Federation, Treasure Coast Chef’s Association

1994 “Most Innovative New Product” Award
—American Culinary Federation, Space Coast Chapter

Major Accomplishments

1990-1992: Secretary & Treasurer of the Treasure Coast Chef’s Association of the American Culinary Federation

1992-1994: President of the Treasure Coast Association of the American Culinary Federation

1993: South Florida Food Expo Cold Food Coordinator

1988: Johnson & Wales College Dean’s List

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