“Our goal is to enrich your love of cooking and your sense of adventure by taking you on a journey through the spice routes known as the Maritime Silk Road. My collection varies from rare and exotic spices from the Far East across the continents to all corners of the globe to bring together the most rare and unique Exotic Spices for you to experience and to create your own specialty blends or try my signature blends. You can find that perfect flavor for your recipes to excite your friends and families’ palette. Perfect if you want an alternative to the bland and dull everyday seasonings available at your local grocery store retailers.”

–Joel L. Tallant, Sr.

Chef Joel Tallant
Joel With Spices No Hat

“I have made several contacts in the spice industry around the world and learned quite a bit about rare, exotic spices, and blending flavors throughout my 48-year career.”

—Spice Master, Chef Joel